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# M18 Web Service Tutorial (opens new window)

An introductory tutorial to get started with M18 Web Services.

# M18 Web Service Reference

M18 provides a rich variety of RESTful web services, so that integration and data synchronization with other systems can be done seamlessly. If you are looking for how to call/authorize M18 web services, input/output of each web service, this reference should be your go-to resource.

# M18 App Development Tutorial

Simple book borrowing program based on M18 platform, We use it to help you walk through the App Development process.

# M18 App Development Reference

M18 App is an extension that developer can build to add new features or enhance existing functions of M18. If you are looking for information on how to develop M18 App, this reference should be your go-to resource.

# M18 Web Service (ERP Only) - Modular-based for Beginner

A quick reference for beginners who are new to M18 web services. Modules described in this section are restricted to M18 ERP only.