# Mobile App Setup

Version: 1.0 | Release Date: 05/10/2019

# The purpose of this Setup

The M18 has a standard mobile App that includes both Android and iOS platforms. With the [Mobile App Setup] module, you can make some customizations/modifications to the standard App.

  1. Hide standard App features you don't want to use
  2. Use other installed App features in the standard App
  3. Customize the behavior of the standard App's existing features

# Hide standard App features


# Add extra features to the M18 standard App

We added two feature entries that the standard App did not originally have. You need to make sure the called App is already installed on your phone.




If you want to add extra features to the M18 standard App, you need to implement these features in a new separate App and install it into your phone. The M18 standard App only provides an entry for the new App.

In the new App, if you want to use the Access Token of the M18 standard App to interact with the M18 server, please contact the Multiable technician.

Other parameters that need to be transferred to the new app, you can define it yourself.


# Overwrite existsing features in the M18 standard App

  1. Hide standard App features you want to overwrite
  2. Reimplement this feature in your new App
  3. Add an entry for the new App feature in M18